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With Gentleberg we are on a mission.

Behind the brand

How it all started.

The inspiring story of Gentleberg starts in 2017. When looking for classic, dress shoes to complement a suit, 28-year old Matthijs Berg discovered that there were no fitting vegan alternatives available. Therefore, he took matters into his own hands. Gentleberg is founded on his persuasion that veganism is not solely a definition of a diet but a way of living. As founder of this Amsterdam-based shoe label, Berg tackles a fashion issue for the conscious modern gentleman. The brand follows the footsteps of a vegan lifestyle; however, every man can become a solemate. A big step in the right direction.

What do we do

With Gentleberg we are on a mission.

We aim to make the world a better place; free of unnecessary harm. Yes, quite a goal to set but we believe we can change the world for the better, one pair of shoes at a time!

After months of research we have found the perfect vegan leather for our shoes, which we are using for the uppers, as well as the linings. And instead of using leather outsoles we have developed – or rather designed – our iconic rubber outsole. The result? A premium vegan leather dress shoe, without making any concessions on quality and design.

Successful crowdfunding campaign

The first batch financed with crowdfunding.

After our first try to raise enough money via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, we tried another way via a Dutch platform called CrowdAboutNow. With great success I must say, within just a few weeks we reached our funding goal of €75.000 which made it possible to get the first collection into production.

With the support of exactly one hundred investors, we made it. An unbelievable rollercoaster with a great result. Still so amazed and thankful for their trust.